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If you're a diplomat or are living the diplomatic life and feel like something needs to change - perhaps you want to work less, find enjoyment in what you're doing again or feel more connected to yourself and the world around you - reading my book and blog and listening to my podcast are great places to start. 

Reading and listening to my work is a great way to increase your awareness and to let you know that you're not alone.  Reading and listening is not enough if you want to make real, lasting and meaningful change, you're going to need to do something different.

- Nothing changes until you change what you do -

You're going to need help with that. Trust me: I tried to do it on my own, but I needed (and still need) different perspectives to challenge and support me.

I've partnered with coaches and a therapist who understand what living the diplomatic life is like. They challenge and support you make the real, lasting and meaningful changes that you want to make in your diplomatic life.

My mentoring services are exclusively provided to Minister and Ambassador-level members of

The Lonely Diplomat. Become a member here.

Review the bios below, go to their pages and then get in contact!

Let's have a chat if you feel that I can support and challenge you as a mentor as you lead your diplomatic life - either as a diplomat or an accompanying spouse/partner.

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Kevin is well-known on The Lonely Diplomat, having written this blog and appeared on this podcast.

Kevin is an accredited coach and diplomatic spouse.

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Jaqueline shared her experiences of growing up as the daughter of a diplomat in this blog and appeared on this podcast.

Jaqueline is kind, caring and an accomplished therapist.

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