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You've read my book and my blogs and you listen to my podcast. You know that I understand that living the diplomatic life has both highs and lows. My insight and perspective could help you as you live your diplomatic life wherever you lead it in the world. 

Choose one of my mentoring services below.

Note: These are mentoring calls. I am not an accredited coach or a licensed helping professional.



You have a problem with the diplomatic life you're living and you need support as you work it out. You feel that you may need some help and perspectives from someone who understands but isn't personally involved on issues like:

  • building true resilience

  • authentic leadership

  • loneliness and connection

  • understanding your behavioural drivers

  • being home

  • understanding the stories you're telling yourself

  • being a diplomatic spouse and finding your identity

  • parenting as diplomats

You'll share your situation with me in a 15-minute conversation where we'll see if we'll be a good fit for each other. If we agree to go ahead, we'll have five 50-minute mentoring chats over five weeks to help you get some perspective on what's happening with you.

​Where: wherever you feel comfortable

How: Via Zoom

Cost: AUD700*. Payable via PayPal.

*Taxes and fees included. 





You have a problem with a part of the diplomatic life you're living and need a single mentoring chat to get my perspective.


You'll share your situation with me in an email and then we'll have a 50-minute mentoring chat to help you get some perspective on that issue that's troubling you.

​Where: wherever you feel comfortable

How: Via Zoom

Cost: AUD150*. Payable via PayPal.  Subscribers are eligible for discounts of over 40%.

*Taxes and fees included.




When you engage my mentoring services, you get:

  • the benefit of my 20 years' experience working in the public sector

  • wisdom attained over four postings spanning four countries over 10.5 years (two as posted diplomat and two as accompanying spouse)

  • my relatable experience of having a mid-life crisis while on diplomatic posting, learning from it and living authentically

  • a message that resonates with diplomats and those living the diplomatic life in over 190 countries through my blog and podcast (see feedback and testimonials)

  • difficult topics addressed in a positive, friendly, open and engaging manner

  • my network of experts contributing to content

  • both the highs and the lows of this diplomatic life discussed openly and sincerely

  • my unique insights and perspectives of how you can live and work as a diplomat collaboratively and with authenticity while still being amazing at what you do

  • well, you get you back. You begin the process of reconnecting with yourself and the world around you. 

What a fantastic return on investment that is.


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