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Something magical happens when diplomats and those who live the diplomatic life get together

and have real conversations about the things

that matter to us.


We discover that we’re not alone in

what we’ve been thinking and feeling.


There's tremendous power in the knowledge that we're not alone in living the highs and lows of this diplomatic life. Suddenly, we realise that there are other people around the world who are thinking and feeling the same thing.

I see it. I see it in the feedback that you send me after reading a particular blog or listening to a podcast episode. I hear it in the conversations that I have with you. 

My work may have really connected with you. But you don't know how to take another step to get the support you feel you need - and deserve - as you navigate your way through your diplomatic life.


Joining a Friends of The Lonely Diplomat meetup is a great way to start engaging with me and others living this diplomatic life by having real conversations about a topic. It's also an opportunity for me to engage with you on my coaching services and webinars.

By 'real', I mean there's no work talk. There's no comparing busyness stories. There's absolutely no complaining. Ideally, there are no masks or false confidence. It's just people wanting to engage with me and others - in person - about what it means to live this diplomatic life in a way that is authentic to them.

People who are connected to themselves and to the world around them make for better diplomats and can better handle the rigours of this diplomatic life.


These are informal meetings. Ideally, I'd love to be there in person to chat with you, but the world is big and the cost is, well, costly.

If I can't be there in person, we can all meet over Zoom. 

I'll let you know if I can be there in person.

I advertise these groups through social media and via emails to subscribers. Be sure to follow The Lonely Diplomat on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn or subscribe by hitting the 'subscribe' button on top of this page. 




Diplomats, those living the diplomatic life and others for whom my work and message resonates.


In the comfort of your own home. These meetups will be held via Zoom.

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I strongly believe that we diplomats and those living the diplomatic life are our best source of support. Together, we can make that support happen. Join me for a real discussion that moves beyond busyness, the weather and other safe topics and talk about something that really matters to you.


"The meetup was a great opportunity to meet the Lonely Diplomat and others interested in the same topics. If you are feeling lonely, it's an opportunity to meet others who either are going through or have gone through something similar."

Received 17 September 2019

"I thought that you Phil, have done and are doing an amazing job, inviting people to think deeper, to be courageous, to be honest about their emotions, to learn a new emotional language, to share, to feel ok with being candid and vulnerable. You are the best role model for it."

Received 29 September 2019

"It was great to meet Phil in person and engage with the FOLD group. I was amazed by the easy rapport we all had, there was lots of nodding in agreement, laughing, and [a] few 'stop and think' moments.


Phil has a talent for putting people at ease and bringing the conversation together. I'm looking forward to the next meetup."

Received 17 September 2019