Since a very young age I seemed to look after sick animals and felt moved by poverty and unfairness to such an extent that my mother wrote in her journal about me, “Jaqueline is bound to marry a clergyman and devote herself to helping others when she grows up.” Well, I did not marry a clergyman but have devoted my life to helping, supporting and encouraging others.

I have worked in the areas of refugee support (Geneva), violence and abuse of women and children, trauma, grief, started the NZ Aids Foundation in Wellington, and ran numerous workshops on dealing with and transforming ourselves for life’s challenges.

In my personal life, like most of us, I have lived through a number of extreme emotional and physical difficulties. Trained as a psychotherapist (1995), I felt over the years that somehow this was not enough for my personal journey and discovered Neuroplasticity, or the ability of the brain to be changed/rewired and adapt, no matter what the age, to feel a greater sense of happiness and peace with however our lives are at present.

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