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Be a connected diplomat

connected workplaces

Of course you want the humans within your diplomatic workplace to thrive.


After all, much time, effort and money has been invested in them.

You want your diplomatic workplace to be a space in which humans feel psychologically safe and able to contribute their skills, wisdom and expertise.

You want something beyond offering yoga classes and pizza lunches. You're ready to get real. ​

We've heard you.​


We've developed creating connected workplaces: a program that informs and inspires workplaces to create environments in which all humans feel seen, heard and that they belong.


Humans who feel connected in their workplaces are more productive, resilient and are engaged.​

We're here to start and then leads meaningful conversations that connect the humans in your diplomatic workplace.​

Pizza and yoga are fine, but genuine connection is best.

You and the humans in your diplomatic workplace are worthy of that.

creating connected workplaces is a bespoke program that we develop together with you. We do this because every workplace is different and has different needs.


creating connected workplaces is provided through our HUMANS:CONNECTING site.

All the information and ways to make the program happen are there.

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