These are some of the lovely words kindly shared with me by parts of my global audience about how my work is helping them reconnect with themselves and the world around them.

Thank you for your kind words, suggestions, encouragement and feedback. It's inspiring to know that my work is serving you.


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"The passion comes through."
Received 27 March 2019

"You are helping this community more than you can imagine."


Received 31 March 2019

"I stumbled on your website, then started reading all the posts in your blog... I am hooked!
Thank you so much for creating this, Phil!"
Received 11 March 2019

"We spread it among the embassy and through the Ministry to remind each other

[to practice] self care."

Received 13 January 2019

"I came across one of your articles about friendship, [that was] ... posted yesterday on Facebook. I ... SO identified with what you wrote...you know when you feel that was for me to read?


I follow a lot of people in social media who write about expat living and stuff, but it's very hard to find someone who talks about the diplomatic life, so finding your page was what I needed, and trust me, you are already helping me. Thank you!"

Received 20 July 2019

"Your blogs are amazing, thanks for the insight! My boyfriend is a diplomat and you've helped me understand how much pressure he is under, and how to combat the stress and pressure."

Received 16 August 2019

"Your blog is so awesome... Thank you for doing this."
Received 3 May 2019

"Thanks for the good work. Your words resonate with me and, I'm sure, many expats across the globe."

Received 22 April 2019

"It felt like your last article was a letter from one of my good friends giving advice on my career and
Received 7 January 2019
"Your work was recommended in a private forum for [...] women, and many of the blog posts resonated with me immediately. I'm a recovering diplomat with [...], having served 15 years overseas and now exploring new career options."
Received 12 July 2019

"Thank you for putting into words some of the feelings and emotions that clearly I'm not alone in feeling."

Received 12 October 2018

"Keep inspiring, sir."

Received 30 September 2018

"Phil is a particularly insightful, courageous, open minded and open hearted man, with great qualities of wisdom, humour, candidness, warmth, curiosity and love for his fellow people."

Received 23 June 2019

"To all my diplo friends, and those that aren’t but are keen at seeing what it is we do and deal with overseas, check out this page and blog. I found myself nodding my head so many times while reading."

Received 24 September 2018

"Wow, what a great, scary

and insightful look into

my own mind. Well written.

Thank you for this."

Received October 2018

"Loved it Phil. All of the other spouses of Ambassadors that I have shared it with here in ... loved it too.

Comments like:

- very good article, definitely sums it up

- perfectly nails it

- OMG, it’s incredible

Keep going!"

Received 17 February 2019

Received 22 June 2019

"[You've] established yourself as an authority."

Received 27 March 2019

"Connective, well-written and comforting."

Received 21 July 2019

"I think that it's absolutely wonderful that you're doing this work and having a voice for diplomats in a way that I don't think that there has been. It's been so needed and just been amazing to see."

Received 13 May 2019 

"I just came across your blog and as an aspiring diplomat from [...], it felt like I've found my own group!... My girlfriend and I use your work to talk about what diplomacy will mean for us and how we can best prepare for this life."

Received 20 August 2019

"Reading your writing is like listening to a beautiful

piece of music."

Received 12 May 2019

"The Lonely Diplomat is a much needed ally for diplomats around the world. He is starting difficult, but essential conversations, for the well-being of diplomats and their families."

Received 16 September 2019

"I was reading your article [and] could see myself in almost everything that you said."
Received 26 September 2019

"Your blogs are especially helpful for young, single diplomats such as myself who, along with adapting to this new lifestyle, are still discovering who they are as individuals."

Received 8 January 2020

"Phil’s passion to drive organisational change in diplomacy is underpinned by his powerful experiences that enable him to effectively and forensically identify and examine faulty cultural practices within the profession.


His blog drives a much needed conversation about well-being in the international workplace."

Received 3 October 2019

"Somebody understands! Thank you!"

Received 13 December 2019

"I relate to what you talk about and cannot thank you enough for making me feel that I am not alone."

Received 2 March 2020

"I am so very impressed with your work and how you are helping people to reconnect with their heads and hearts. It is truly amazing!"

Received 28 April 2020

"Your work inspires us."

Received 19 March 2020

"Anyway, thanks for all you do to connect us diplomats around the world and get us talking about issues we don't normally talk about. Like I said, it's good to know one's not alone in this."

Received 20 March 2020

"Just wanted to give you a shout out - your blogs, articles and insights are really intriguing and well written. I've been enjoying reading a lot of your content!...

Thanks for your insights. Keep up the great work!"

Received 2 May 2020

Working with Phil ... is an absolute game-changer! Phil’s kind and thoughtful candour allows me to open up and feel safe in addressing internal struggles, while still holding me firmly accountable to my words and actions. An incredibly insightful observer and quite the attentive listener, Phil is always present and fully committed to the work we do together. I highly recommend Phil to those looking to better themselves from the inside out!

Received 25 November 2020