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Phil is an engaging and affable speaker who makes loneliness relatable for your audience. The way that Phil talks about loneliness and how it's experienced by diplomats and those living the diplomatic life makes the people in your audience feel seen and heard.

Thousands of people globally have benefited from Phil's written and spoken words on loneliness, connection and the highs and lows of the diplomatic life.

This is the place where you can get Phil to speak on your podcast, to your organisation or workplace.

Phil McAuliffe - The Lonely Diplomat - Loneliness - Lonely - Diplomat - Diplomacy - Connection - Resilience - Competition - Speaker

Phil's experience and insight set him apart

When you engage Phil, you get:

  • the benefit of his 23 years' experience working in the public sector


  • wisdom attained over four postings spanning four countries and 10.5 years (two as a posted diplomat and two as an accompanying spouse)


  • his relatable experience of having a mid-life crisis while on diplomatic posting, learning from it and living authentically


  • a message that resonates with diplomats and those living the diplomatic life in over 190 countries through his content.

  • difficult topics addressed in a positive, friendly, open and engaging manner


  • his network of experts contributing to content


  • both the highs and the lows of this diplomatic life discussed openly and sincerely

  • his unique insights and perspectives of how your audience can live and work as a diplomat collaboratively and with authenticity while still being amazing at what they do.

Phil knows how difficult it is to ask for help and support. He also knows that the help provided sometimes does not actually help alleviate the thoughts and feelings of loneliness - especially when you're a diplomat and live the diplomatic life.


Phil developed and now provides the services he needed when first learning from his loneliness. He's now passionately de-stigmatising loneliness worldwide.

let's be honest

Loneliness is experienced by every human, but it is often discussed in a dry, conceptual way.

Statistics and academic reports don’t resonate with the humans experiencing the emotion.

Thousands of people globally have benefitted from hearing Phil's story and having him facilitate kind and honest conversations about loneliness, connection and belonging.

Humans feel more connected and engaged to themselves and the world because of Phil's work.

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previous speaking events
March 2023

On Tuesday 7 March 2023, Phil shared his experience of loneliness and speaking on workplace loneliness and the loneliness experienced by LGBTIQA+ humans in society as part of a panel discussion to an internal audience of Medibank employees.


Phil was a panel member alongside Dr Michelle Lim (Scientific Chair and Chairperson Ending Loneliness Together) and Ms Liz Keen (Executive Producer – Audio from Headline Productions).


Medibank has a 10-year strategy on addressing loneliness and is raising awareness of loneliness as a key health issue in Australia. It’s collaborating to understand the most effective, evidence-based solutions to address loneliness and its impacts on health.

Medibank - Loneliness - Phil McAuliffe - The Loneliness Guy - The Lonely Diplomat - speaking - workplace loneliness
December 2022

Ending Loneliness Together hosted a members-only webinar featuring Prof. Manuela Barreto from the University of Exeter in the UK.


Phil's spoke in his capacity of being a member of Ending Loneliness Together's Lived Experience Advisory Panel about his experience with the inadequacies of the language of loneliness.

English is a wonderful language and Phil uses it well. However, Phil says that the language is ill-equipped for conversations about loneliness. As a result, we must learn to listen for what people experiencing loneliness don't say as much as what they do say. 

Phil's here to help us learn how to speak about our loneliness.

"Wonderful conversation, Phil. Insightful and eloquent. Thank you for being part of this national movement." - Dr Michelle Lim - Scientific Chair and Chairperson Ending Loneliness Together -
13 December 2022 

October 2022

Phil spoke at the Canadian Human Connection Conference on: 'The courage it takes to come out as gay and as lonely: disrupting gay loneliness and reconstructing perceptions of connection in the community.'

See Phil's presentation here.

The event was hosted by the Genwell Project and the Institute for Social Connection.


Feedback: 'The highlight of the day was Phil saying that by speaking about loneliness we normalize it. I've never though of it that way before.'

Thank you to all involved for the opportunity to connect with others working on loneliness in Canada.

Phil McAuliffe - The Lonely Diplomat - The Loneliness Guy - loneliness - gay - Canadian Human Connection Conference - Canada
Phil McAuliffe - The Lonely Diplomat - The Loneliness Guy - loneliness - gay - Canadian Human Connection Conference - Canada
Phil McAuliffe - The Lonely Diplomat - The Loneliness Guy - loneliness - gay - Canadian Human Connection Conference - Canada - Genwell Project - social health
August 2022

Phil is a member of Ending Loneliness Together's Lived Experience Advisory Panel. 

Phil shared some of his personal loneliness story at the launch of the Strengthening Social Connection to Accelerate Social Recovery White Paper. The event was held at Parliament House in Canberra and was hosted by the Parliamentary Friends of Ending Loneliness Together. 

Phil shared the speaker's stage with leading global loneliness experts, including Dr Michelle Lim (Chair, Ending Loneliness Together), Dr Vivek Murthy (US Surgeon-General) and Dr Etienne Krug (World Health Organisation).


Thank you to Ending Loneliness Together for the wonderful opportunity.  

Read Phil's speech here

Phil McAuliffe - White Paper launch - loneliness - diplomat - diplomacy - loneliness - gay loneliness - human connection - social health - speaker
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