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It's time for you to be a connected diplomat.

It's time to move beyond getting ideas about how you can move through loneliness and get the connection you're worthy of.

It's time to get your Connection Plan: your bespoke plan for feeling authentically connected to your self, to those most important to you and to your communities.

It's your plan to move through a loneliness experience whenever you feel it. You'll get back on your connection path quickly with your own plan.    

You develop your Connection Plan here with the Connection Starter Course.

a more connected you awaits

Invest in yourself.

Get your Connection Plan now.


1:1 with Phil McAuliffe

important information

Two ways to access

You can access the Connection Starter Course in two ways:

  • self-directed or

  • in six 1:1 sessions held every two weeks with Phil McAuliffe.


Details for how you access the 1:1 option are within the course. 

Measuring your progress

It's important that you see your progress towards feeling connected through the course.


You'll complete the UCLA Loneliness Scale (Version 3) twice: at the beginning of the course and at the end.


Phil will be here to celebrate your progress.

Step-by-step process

The course is in six parts.


You'll explore how you've been experiencing loneliness in the first two parts. You'll then find out how you like to feel connected to yourself, to those most important to you and to your communities in the next three parts. Your connection plan brings it all together in the final part.


It's amazing how connected you'll feel by the end of it. 

Go at your pace

If you choose the self-directed option, you can go at your pace.


You could choose to smash it out in a few hours or you could choose to take your time and notice how thoughts and feelings come up for you as you live your life.


You can even do it multiple times. You choose.

What to expect

The course accommodates a variety of learning styles.


There are videos to guide you through concepts and external resources for you to use as you explore concepts and apply them to your life.

All this is

The self-directed Connection Starter Course is AU$795.00.

The 1:1 option is AU$3,000.

It works

Previous participants have reported feeling significantly more connected at the end of the course. They report feeling empowered to listen to loneliness next time they experience it and they have a plan to respond with connection.

This is exactly what we're meant to do when we experience loneliness. 

Not lonely now?

Great! Like hunger shifts when you eat and thirst shifts when you drink, loneliness shifts when you connect. 

Also, like hunger and thirst, loneliness returns when you need to do more connection again.

The course helps you to know how you prefer to do connection, so when you need to connect again because you are more aware of your loneliness, you have a plan to get what you need, when you need it.

Consider the course a kind of connection tune-up.

looking for something

more general?

A more general (ie: not focused on diplomacy) Connection Starter Course is available on HUMANS:CONNECTING

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"I've worked with other coaches and therapists in the past and I've never felt the connection, comfort or attentiveness like I experienced with Phil."
A - Australia

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