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You read the blogs and listen to the podcasts and you know that after four postings, 23 years in the public sector and leaning into his mid-life crisis that Phil has a unique perspective on what it means to be a diplomat and to live a diplomatic life. You feel that Phil can help you find that balance between your desire to be more you and your need to represent your country. 

Helping you or your staff reconnect with themselves and the world around them with authenticity and genuine caring and support starts here.

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Phil McAuliffe - The Lonely Diplomat - Ending Loneliness Together Australia - White Paper launch
Phil McAuliffe - The Lonely Diplomat - loneliness - diplomat - diplomacy - mentoring - coaching


Have Phil - a global loneliness thought leader who's also lived the diplomatic life for over 20 years - in your corner as you live your diplomatic life.

Coaching reviews
Phil McAuliffe - Mike Campbell - The Lonely Diplomat - coaching - coaches - diplomat - loneliness

"Phil, aka The Lonely Diplomat, is bravely and expertly communicating some important experiences and truths that often impact those people working away from home yet still being intimately connected to home via their government.


The way he not only can share his own experiences, but guide those in similar shoes to understand themselves better, and ultimately navigate their jobs and lives more effectively, is remarkable.


I also have had the privilege of having Phil support me in my own coaching business - supporting and coaching men to understand themselves better and improve their capability to navigate their challenges with [...] skill, grace, and resilience. He has been a phenomenal addition to my team. HIGHLY recommend working with The Lonely Diplomat!"

- Mike Campbell - Coach and author (

Received 18 September 2019

Working with Phil ... is an absolute game-changer! Phil’s kind and thoughtful candour allows me to open up and feel safe in addressing internal struggles, while still holding me firmly accountable to my words and actions. An incredibly insightful observer and quite the attentive listener, Phil is always present and fully committed to the work we do together. I highly recommend Phil to those looking to better themselves from the inside out!

Received 25 November 2020

"Coaching from Phil helped me gain some perspective on a tough work situation. He seemed to know just the right thing to say or question to ask to help me get into a place where I was able to see solutions for myself. 


Phil is very easy to talk to, with an open and relaxed, but professional manner. I'm really pleased I took the opportunity to start coaching with him."

Received 20 September 2019

"I found [your webinar]

enormously insightful."

"Somebody understands! Thank you!"

Received 13 December 2019


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