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1:1 mentoring

Here's the place where you get to have Phil - a global loneliness thought leader who's also lived the diplomatic life for over 20 years - in your corner as a mentor.

You know that after reading Phil's book, his blogs or listening to his podcast, he understands that living this diplomatic life has both highs and lows. He's lived them too, remember?

Phil's insights, wisdom and perspectives as a global loneliness thought leader and someone with lived experience of what it's really like to work in diplomacy will help, serve, challenge and inspire you as you live your diplomatic life and serve your country better wherever you are in the world. 

choose your

what you can expect

Listening is Phil's superpower

Be prepared for Phil to listen to you.

He'll ask about your diplomat
ic life and listen to your response. He'll ask about how you want to reconnect to yourself and to the world around you. Together, you'll then develop a plan for you to get the connection you need and deserve.

Convenient call times

Phil has call slots available most days. You pick the day and time most convenient for you.

Calls run for 60 or 90 minutes.

Are there free calls?

Phil offers a free 30-minute call. It's your chance to see how he can best support you and for you to ask him any questions you may have.

Click here to book your FREE 30-minute call.

Access to his wisdom and insight

from direct, lived experience


This site stems from his wisdom, curiosity and insight from his direct, lived experience of living his diplomatic life.

's twice been the posted diplomat. He's twice been the accompanying significant other. He's a parent. He's divorced. He's gay. He's been homeless, unemployed as well as met senior government officials and politicians.

Phil understands what it's like to live the diplomatic life.

Phil understands what it's like to live life. He's living his.

Between calls

The support doesn't end at the end of the call. Phil checks in with you to see how you're progressing and support you when you encounter challenges.

Phil's experience


It's Phil's experience that sets him apart. You'll undoubtedly get great support from other coaches and mentors, but actually Phil's been where you are. He's lived his diplomatic life and is living his life. He understands. Phil knows that it's tough to seek help. He admires you and admires your courage for being here, reading these words.

Phil's been coaching and mentoring since 2012. He prides myself on creating a safe, loving, and inspired space for you to step into. It's a place where you will feel seen and heard. It's a place where you will feel that you belong.


All you need to do is to step into it, just as you are.

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preferred service

Connection Starter

connection starter course


This course is for you, if:


- you're a diplomat or are living the diplomatic life and you're experiencing loneliness;

- you're tired of feeling lonely and are ready for change;

- you're ready to live your life and feel more connected.

​- you want a plan to help you get the connection you need;

- you're ready for Phil - a global loneliness thought leader - to guide you.

As your Connection Mentor, Phil guides you through your loneliness and helps you identify the connection you're missing. With Phil, you'll work through the Connection Starter Course and you and Phil will build your Connection Plan: your easy, practical guide that's been developed in conjunction with Dr Sara Quinn - a licensed clinical psychologist - that helps you get the connection and sense of belonging that you need and deserve.

Your Connection Plan will help you move past your loneliness and feel that you belong whenever you experience it.

How it works:

Over six 90-minute calls, Phil will guide you through:

  1. Your loneliness story

  2. The costs and benefits of your loneliness

  3. How you connect to yourself (and improve it)

  4. How you connect to those most important to you (and improve it)

  5. How you connect to your community (and improve it)

  6. Meeting the new you and your Connection Plan.

Details: Six 90-minute calls. 12-week course duration. One call every fortnight (that's every two weeks).

How to make it happen: Tap the button below to book your free initial call or tap here.

Cost: This will be discussed during your free initial call. 

Single call

single call


Phil understands, you're not sure if this mentoring is for you and you want to test out what it's like to have him in your corner.

Phil's here for you and can listen to how you're experiencing your diplomatic life: the joys and the frustrations. 

He's here to listen to you. He'll give you another perspective.

Details: One call. 60 minutes.

Cost: AUD200 (plus 10% Australian Goods and Services Tax)

How to make it happen: Tap the button below or click here.

Monthly mentoring call

monthly mentoring call


This service is for you if you want to have Phil right by your side in a regular conversation to support you as you live your diplomatic life. Think of this service as a monthly check-in and tune-up.

This is also for those who have completed the Connection Starter Course.

You and Phil will have a 60-minute 1:1 call together every month. You'll be supported and challenged as you live your diplomatic life and navigate all it has to offer. You'll then work on getting you what you've identified that you need in your life.

Details: One call each month, billed monthly

Cost: AUD180/month (plus 10% Australian Goods and Services Tax)

How to make it happen: Tap the PayPal link below or click here. I will send you an email with a link to book your call after payment.

Free 30-minute call

free 30-minute discovery call


Ask Phil your questions about his services and see how his services can support you.  ​



Details: One call

Cost: FREE

How to make it happen: Tap the button below or click here.

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